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We all know action is better than best intentions ever are.

There are a lot of different coaches and consultants out there, and I’ve hired several of them. What I provide is in response to what I experienced. There are many cookie cutter programs, and I guarantee once you leave the program, the next person is going to come out with exactly the same plan you have.

HA… yes, I’ve seen this a hundred times. Sure it works sometimes, but why would you want to be like someone else?

You can and should be you!

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Entreprenuer Business

Mindset Consulting

Partnering with you to make sure your mindset is set up for success! A plan to convert customers, strong customer retention, and great referrals.


Corporate customized training

Helping your organization get to a place of understanding and embracing what it means to lead, coach, support a team, communicate, and ultimately grow together?



Bringing energy and clarity to topics such as authenticity, mindset, fear, emotions, habits, burnout, stress, leadership, mastering your unique gifts and ditching drama at work.


What clients are saying.

It’s like light bulbs are going off left and right. I am growing so much in understanding myself through the one month intensive K. Madsen Consulting is offering. I just got this in my e mail from Kim and thought, wow... that is me!
— Marnie
Kim opened up a whole new realm of learning for me. The entire experience of working with her was incredibly motivating. She helped me see so many opportunities for self-gratification and implementation!
— Nat