“That’s just how I am… take it or leave it!”

Have you ever said those words?  I’m guessing the answer is yes, because I don’t know anyone who hasn’t. 😊

What if you never had to say those words again?  What if you never had to feel shame or guilt for who you are?

Sometimes the “Why” question comes from a place of love and caring, and sometimes it doesn’t.  All I know is that it generally doesn’t matter, as it leaves a sting to the heart when we feel like we have to be on the defensive.

The Strengths Journey that people take with me through the CliftonStrengths Assessment and coaching puts you back in the driver seat.  It’s only when you begin to understand yourself on a deeper level and stop focusing on your areas of weakness that you are able to excel.  Who doesn’t want to excel? 

What will it feel like when you can respond to the next “WHY” with an answer of Strength and truly explain?  No more guilt and no more shame.

You are UNIQUE and deserve to understand just how amazing you are.  Plus, hold the power to help others understand it too.  That’s just the beginning of where the Strengths Journey will take you!


Be true to you….