Who really stretches their thoughts anymore?

In recent days, the word “Stretch” has surfaced in my life in several different places. I personally used it in leading my free lunchtime webinar this week called “Gaining Clarity:  Mindset & Goals”. I asked the participants to really stretch their thought process in answering some personal/professional questions in regards to habits, goals and dreams. 

What? Wait a minute, as adults do we even remember how to dream? Do we let our minds “stretch” and encompass true dreams? Do we even know what that looks like?  

Oh to be a kid again…

As kids that’s how we lived life. We “stretched” and dreamed of being a nurse, teacher, fire fighter, turning 13, then we dreamed of being 16 and being able to drive, and then 18… an “adult” and living out every dream we had when we were a “kid”.   There were no limits.

I see this everyday in our boys who are in 4th grade, 8th grade, and a Senior.  I love when they share their dreams and goals.  Are you helping kids learn to “Stretch” dream?  

Then came 21…

YES… 21…  a “real adult”, and a slow transition to a world of  the “hidden dream” or ” no dream” era.  The dreaming becomes something that we tend to push away.  Do you sit around with family or friends and talk about “Stretch” dreams on a Friday night?  If you do, I want to hear from you!  I’d say the answer for most is no. 

What happened?

Life happened!  We use one of my most disliked words “busy” to describe every part of our lives. 

My challenge for all of us is to write the word “STRETCH” somewhere where you can see it everyday. Step outside of your comfort zone/habits and allow yourself the time to go deeper with your own dreams, maybe write them down, or if you want to get crazy and really “STRETCH” yourself, have a DREAM conversation with someone. 

Remember Dreams can be personal, professional, or both. NO LIMITS!

As the quote from Buddha says, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joys follows like a shadow that never leaves”.

Stretch your thoughts and dreams… and see the joy that follows.